Doctors of Medical Science
Chaban Taras Ivanovich

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Areas of practice : general therapy, cardiology

Diagnostic and treatments
While prescribing treatment for everybody individually, used modern research of autonomic regulation and monitoring of heart rate variability in different conditions: rest time (time of relaxation), time of mental or physical work, during driving, time of sleep and other conditions (times) of the patients with the following pathological diseases:
>> Arterial hypertension
>> Ischemic Heart disease: Myocardial infarction, stenocardia
>> Cardiomyopathy
>> Rheumatic diseases
>> Acquired heart diseases: mitral and aortic heart diseases
>> Heart arrhythmia
>> Cardiac insufficiency

Consultative help
>> Arteriosclerosis
>> Pneumonia
>> Chronicle obstructive diseases
>> Bronchitis
>> Bronchial asthma
>> Ulcerative of the stomach
>> Chronicle hepatitis
>> Cirrhosis of the liver
>> Gallbladder and gallbladder tract diseases
>> Pancreas diseases
>> Intestines diseases
>> Anemia, Obesity, Diabetes mellitus
>> Kidney diseases: nephrolithiasis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis

>> Contracts for preliminary and periodic medical examination of workers and employees

Pedagogical work

>> Docent of hospital and faculty therapy department of Kyiv Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of National Medicine
>> Docent of hospital and faculty therapy department of Kyiv Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of National Medicine

>> Professional preparation of students, doctors-interns, clinical ordinators, Masters, Aspirants
>> Individual help in studying of different areas of therapy
>> Help in computer education and its usage for testing students' knowledge
>> Individual preparation of professionals to lean how to use electrocardiograph readings, heart rhythm monitoring, variability of heart rhythm and other diagnostic methods
>> Preparation to the State Exams

Scientific works

>> Dissertation of Candidate of Medical Science Topic: "Vegetative regulation of cardio-vascular system of patients with heart attack disease and possibilities of differential therapy"
>> Dissertation of Doctor of Medical Science Topic: "Condition of vegetative regulation system in patients with heart failure diseases: its pathogenesis role for the diagnostic and therapy" DOC ZIP
>> List of scientific articles ZIP

>> Preparation candidates for masters of Medicine, Candidates of Medical Science, Doctors of Medical Science, approbation of new drugs. Major areas of scientific research: cardiology, studying of vegetative regulation in-patients with different diseases, studying of mechanism how internal absorbents work

Important Documents
>> Presidential Decree " About the program of prophylactic and cure of arterial hypertension in Ukraine with the goal to improve general health population of Ukraine and prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.

Place of work :

. Kyiv, Medical Institute of Association of National Medicine,
Department of hospital and faculty therapy. Kharkiv Shosse, 121 tel.
5611702, 5611719, fax. 2420653
Position: Managing faculty
Contacts: Kyiv, Po.Box 15 Zip 03151
E - mail: ,